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Ac5a Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine

With the development of the waterjet industry, the waterjet cutting machine is gradually developing from 3 to 4 and 5 axis, which greatly expands and enhances its application. At the same time, the effect and accuracy of waterjet cutting are greatly improved. First, after the waterjet is increased from three axis to four and five axes, the cutter head can be tilted to offset the original cutting edge slope inherent in cutting, so that the cutting edge is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece. Secondly, the 3 axis waterjet can only process 2-dimensional workpieces, such as cutting plates. After the waterjet blade can be tilted, it can cut some 3D workpieces that cannot be cut by 3 axis, such as taper and fan wheel.    Ac5a Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine(图1)

The 4 axis, 5 axis waterjet cutting machine was first applied in the stone parquet industry. The blade tip was slightly inclined at a small angle, which exactly offset the original 3 axis waterjet cutting of the hypotenuse. This function can usually be achieved by 4 axis, or AB type 5 axis. The 4 axis waterjet is cheaper than the 5 axis because it has one less axis than the 5 axis, but it requires more rotation adjustment when cutting, and the time efficiency is relatively poor. After the waterjet achieves AC type 5 axis, the application range and processing capacity have really achieved a great leap. The head of the Win-Win AC5 axis waterjet can be tilted to +/- 68 degrees, and it can process complex 3D and 3D workpieces such as fan wheels, filling the gap that is difficult to process by traditional turning and milling machining methods. In particular, waterjet is cold processing. For some composite materials that are not resistant to high temperature, or large structures of concrete structures, waterjet is an ideal processing method. Opening round holes with bevels or other shaped openings on large pipe fittings are all advantages of the AC5 shaft waterjet compared to other methods.    Ac5a Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine(图2)

Win-Win AC5 axis waterjet cutting head adds two axis,A and C,different from the traditional standard 3 axis.C axis can be rotated 360°infinitely around Z axis.A-axis rotates around X-axis and can achieve a 0°-68°large angle motion.Suitable for bevels and miter of marble,steel,etc.AC5 axis is equipped with an automatic height measurement function.The automatic height measurement can eliminate the dimensional error caused by the non-level of the parts.The height measurement function can keep the fixed distance from the cutting head to the work piece at all times.It can make the cutting more precise,and the automatic height measurement can cut the uneven material,realizing the five-axis five linkage.AC5 axis uses a servo motor,an absolute value coding system,and a limit module.This is a double insurance that completely solves the problem of extreme collision caused by operational errors.AC5 axis has two rotating axis.The optimized design ensures absolute concentricity of the rotating shaft and extends the life of the rotating shaft.AC5 axis operation software default CAD format file and G code,the operation is simple and practical. Win-Win AC5 axis waterjet cutting head has below features: 1)360°Rotation:C axis can rotate 360° around Z axis.X axis rotate A axis,realize large bevel 0°to 68°,can cut large angle groove,suitable for marble,steel material bevel cutting. 2)Automatic height measuring function:Automatic height measurement can cut rough parts,make 5 axis five linkage cutting come true. 3)Double insurance:It can completely solve the problem of limit collision caused by operational errors. 4)Two rotating axis:Extend the service life of rotary axis.    Ac5a Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine(图3)

Win-Win AC5 axis waterjet cutting machine can largely replace robotic waterjet. The price advantage is very obvious, and because the robot hand is usually used in a repeated working environment, its unique teaching method is not suitable for the occasion where different shapes need to be processed. Software suitable for and converting 3D design graphics into robotic cutting programming is very expensive and not very versatile. Conversely, software suitable for converting 3D design graphics to 5-axis waterjet programming is relatively cheap, and there are more suppliers, which makes it easy to choose. It is also relatively easy to learn and use. Generally, a 3D model is designed with Solidworks, and then compiled into G code with programming software for 5 axis water cutting.    Ac5a Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine(图4)

In addition, Win-Win AC5 shaft waterjet can also be widely used for cutting and disassembling large shaped parts, such as large engineering tires. Expect this new device to make more contributions to humanity.    Ac5a Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine(图5)

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