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Introduction Of WIn-Win Waterjet Co., Ltd

Win-win has been in water jet business for more than fifteen years. Our founders is an industry pioneers, a group of lovely engineers, like Edison, are fascinated by the breakthrough and progress of ultra-high pressure technology. So, Win-win have mastered more than ten core technologies and processes of ultra-high pressure.In the process of questioning our company's ability and technical level, Win-win has become the largest and most reliable supplier of ultra-high pressure parts in China. In our own 2500 square meters standardized workshop, you can see automated production lines, standardized inspection process, 100% pre-sale testing, especially, the best R&D (research and development) design team. At present, Win-win is focus on the following three core and high-level undertakings:1.Robot water cutting workstation. 2.Various brand components3. AB five-axis, AC five-axis and portable water cutting equipment.At the same time, we are also willing to accept customized parts and equipment. We are not only a durable and high quality supplier of ultra-high pressure equipment and parts, but also a reliable partner of you in China. We will never be on the other side of the network. Our technical engineers will be there in time. We will be able to receive customer consultation 24 hours anywhere in the world, after-sales service, Our cooperation is not limited to water cutting. Through cooperation and mutual trust in the field of water cutting, we can share all aspects of life and work, such as tourism, food, children studying abroad, family medical assistance and so on..



WIN-WIN has a variety of CNC machine tools to execute the processing, including milling machine, drilling machine, machining center, etc. Each product must be through strictly processing technology. And every production must be through Quality Inspection before package, in order to prevent our users from quality issues. Brand new spare parts need to be processed by continuous work for at least 42 hours, testing its performance, after the analysis of feasibility, and reasonable investment market.
Waterjet spare parts are the core of the waterjet cutting machine, the accuracy of parts and materials decide the equipment failure rate. Components in processing exist a danger of losing accuracy and strength caused by consumption, most of them must endure by wear-resisting and heat-resisting at the same time, even by striking at high frequency. Therefore, the original materials become basic requirement of spare parts, including material processing before manufacturing, such as heat treatment, and oil immersion. These treatments will ensure the material of heat-resisting, wear-resisting, impact resistant, deformation, etc. As conclusion, the raw material determines the quality of spare parts.


Design And Research

WIN-WIN has own independent design team for customers, research and design is first to meet customer requirements, while saving cost at the same time. WIN-WIN has been a predominantly advanced technology enterprises due to focusing on improving Waterjet Cutting Experience for many years. As result of development, we have applied for a number of invention patent, such as accumulator hard seal structure. This structure is the first successful trial with UHP waterjet case, capable of solving the problem of soft sealing, which has no anti-pressure ability. Most designs are made out by the conclusion of the experience and experiment, and the achievements are used to save customers’ cost, to improve users’ production efficiency, to reduce the failure rate of equipment. Each part and each whole set equipment are designed through 3D demonstration by our stylists before entered into production. We are combining between concept design with your brand, and all design before manufacturing must be verified by customers. As conclusion of agreement, the final products will be 100% conform to the requirements of customers, and qualified by whole Industry standard.


Exhibitions And Show

WIN-WIN are showing our products in different countries every year, through different fairs. In this way, we let customers closely encounter with our production. Exhibition will make up the shortage of information for many customers even if they have already checked on the Internet. Exhibitions are opportunity to show our technology power, a variety of products could be chosen by customers. 
At present, we are often taking our parts to join into global exhibitions, such as Xiamen Stone Fair, Beijing Science and Technology Expo, China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo, JEC World France, China Liaoning Commodities Expo in Japan. We are not only participating in the exhibition, but also has set the fixed distributors for our equipment in many countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

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We provide customers with a lot of robot waterjet cutting and 2D platform waterjet cutting related video, video can be more intuitive to reflect the way you need to work, any need to consult us!

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