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Part one: Company Profile

Business positioning

Positioning: The company ultimately positions itself as an industrial automation company,

Current Positioning: Specializing in providing equipment for the automotive interior production industry

Current specific positioning: Robot water cutting equipment manufacturer

✭Part two:Company logo and meaningThe company’s logo is It is the evolution of G, the first letter of Guanghui

The river has a long history and source. The boss of our company has been engaged in water cutting for 18 years. He has experienced the beginning and development of water cutting technology and has a number of water cutting

Design invention patents, many reasonable designs in the market are from our company's design, development and production, including experiments, and are currently in stable application.

Example: Hard seal structure of accumulator

The long history proves that our technical strength and the strength of the company will exist forever, and we will always provide services to customers.

WINWIN: Chinese means "win-win". Our company is a company that can provide customers with better services. In the process of service, we achieve the goal of win-win cooperation.

Part three:The company's culture and values

1. Goodness is like water, and morality

Our good service is everywhere. Within a reasonable range, we will resolve all kinds of problems for our customers. Each of our employees has good professional quality, which is also the key to ensuring product quality. Our products are every high-quality employee. Produced by doing it with heart.

2. Technology as the core, customer first

A strong technical team as the backing guarantees the quality of pre-sales and after-sales. This is a guarantee for customers and the basis for customers to trust us. Having a technical history background is the foundation of a strong company.

3. Professional, efficient and best service

The embodiment of professionalism is that we have deep technology, and the embodiment of efficiency is the professional quality of each of our employees. The best service is reflected in the strong economic strength of our company and can serve customers on the spot.

Long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win.

Part four :Company department introduction



Part five:Advantages of the industry in the future development direction

(1) Industry and advantages


In the automotive interior production industry, the production process is roughly: raw materials-all raw materials are glued together-heating-pressure forming after heating-water cutting and trimming and hole cutting after forming-hanging to dry-shipping-installation



1: The car engine is not always updated, but the car interior and car shape must be updated frequently to meet the needs of the public

2: Water cutting is currently the only widely used interior cutting equipment, which has the best cutting effect

3: Water cutting equipment accounts for a very small part of the investment in the entire automotive interior production equipment

4: Water cutting technology is backed by the heavy industry field, providing equipment for many material production and processing manufacturers, and is suitable for small, medium and large factories of all sizes. There are many types of users and relatively few details. It is one of the most effective The cold cutting technology and water cutting are still just in demand at present.

The waterjet robot workstation, including the entire production line for automotive interior processing, is blessed by the entire automotive industry. Robot automation production line is an irreversible development trend. Customers will make more and more investments in equipment, and the demand will continue to increase.


(2) Development direction

Future direction

Our company started from water cutting technology, and gradually expanded the scale of production and business scope on the basis of meeting the technical needs of the existing market. With the rapid development of industrial automation, more and more automotive interior manufacturers at home and abroad have invested in robotic water cutting workstations, robotic glue dispensers, and foaming machines. Our company will carry out the production and service reform of related equipment, provide a full range of services and technical support for automotive interior manufacturers, conform to industry standards, focus on improving the quality of products and services, and establish a professional sales and after-sales maintenance team. Become a well-known integrated manufacturer of automotive interior equipment at home and abroad.

To sum up one sentence: We are revolving around the automotive interior production industry. At present, we use robotic water cutting equipment as the main endorsement product.

In the future, we will provide whatever equipment is needed for the production of automotive interiors. We will develop into an industrial automation company, and we will also develop mechanical products that are not related to water jet cutting as supplementary products for salespersons.




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