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Name: 20491603-Liner | Brand: FOR KMT

Part No:20491603 | Name:Liner | Brand:FOR KMT

Waterjet Liner-HP Cylinder 20491603,.88 plunger units,Brass,60000 psi,4100 bar.Item numbers of similar liner are 20497767,05144555 and 20474333.
It used with HP Seal Kit,HP Cylinder Nut,HP Sealing Head Assembly and HP Cylinder on Cylinder Assembly.
KMT Liner HP Cylinder, 0.88 plunger units,4,100 bar,60000psi,20491603,KMT waterjet pump parts, the picture is Liner HP Cylinder material is copper, copper has the property of being resistant to wear. Liner HP Cylinder installed inside of HP Cylinder. Liner HP Cylinder inside is ceramic plunger. 
In processing of waterjet cutting, the Liner HP Cylinder is moving, which will cause some degree of wear, but this is normal, some Liner HP Cylinder material is rubber, the aim of rubber material is to protect HP cylinder. but same material Liner HP Cylinder will be longer life span. When customers chose to using KMT Liner HP Cylinder model. we suggest to chose origin structure, it will be more reasonable.

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