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Name: 10107910-HP-Gland | Brand: FOR KMT

Part No:10107910 | Name:HP Gland | Brand:FOR KMT

Waterjet HP Gland 10107910
KMT Waterjet high pressure sealing head gland.The parts number is 10107910.The style is ball style only.Used on KMT SL-III units,It is pressure is 55,000 pis.This Waterjet intensifier part HP Gland is mounted on the plug at the front end of the waterjet high pressure cylinder.
Super hardness water cut one-way valve,10107910, according to a lot of customer experience, you can rest assured purchase.HP Sealing Head Gland KMT Waterjet Gland,HP Sealing Head Gland, Ball Style Only.
Used on SL-III units. 55,000 psi,KMT Waterjet Gland has many shape and model. we can distinguish them accornding to their shape and part number. The HP Gland feature is that there are only two planes, used for installation planes. Their part number is 10107910. You can send picture or part number to confirm, we have special technical person to answer for you.

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