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Name: 05144357-Sealing-Head | Brand: FOR KMT

Part No:05144357 | Name:Sealing Head | Brand:FOR KMT

Water jet spare parts sealing head
Water jet parts No. : 05144357
Brand: Suit for KMT water jet cutting machine 
Used on Water jet 0.88 plunger unit, water jet pump pressure 4100bar.
suit for SL-IV plus flange unit
Material for the parts of water jet: stainless steel
Weight of water jet spare parts : 4 KG
05144357 Waerjet sealing head is a water jet fitting with a hard seal structure. It is used on 0.88 plunger units 4,100 bar KMT SL-IV Plus flange units. 
This special design allows the entire water jet cutting system to reduce two sets of high pressure seals, at the same time reduces the failure rate of the water jet cutting system by 30%. This latest design will last a long time, It is an advanced structure. The KMT sealing head structure is similar to the water jet cutting accumulator structure. The sealing structure removes the soft sealing component. KMT sealing head 05144357 is the core component of the water jet cutting intensifier pump. In many cases, the pressure fluctuations during the operation of the machine are caused by the damage of the KMT sealing head, so a sealing head of good quality is selected, it can extend the life of related parts.

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