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Name: 05144183-Spacer-Proximity-Switch | Brand: FOR KMT

Part No:05144183 | Name:Spacer Proximity Switch | Brand:FOR KMT

waterjet spare part spacer proximity switch, part number 05144191, products for KMT hydraulic drive asembly SL-IV, FAST delivery system, with quality guaranteed, for any related parts for KMT intensifier parts, HP seal assembly, Hydraulic catriadge, kindly contact us, in stock parts for you. 
PROXIMITY SWITCH SPACER is used in KMT waterjet pump. Spacer proximity switch is combined with the sensor. It is a gasket of the sensor and the cylinder. In order to protect the sensor and the cylinder, the material of this parts is designed as a super hard aluminum alloy.
He is just a simple parts In principle, it does not play a special role, but you must not remove the Spacer proximity switch. Including the parts in the design of the KMT waterjet pump, we can improve the quality of this waterjet parts, but you cannot remove this water jet parts. More details Please consult customer service.

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