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Name: 05119151-Ceramic-plunger | Brand: FOR KMT

Part No:05119151 | Name:Ceramic plunger | Brand:FOR KMT

Waterjet Spare Part Ceramic Plunger, 60,000 psi, 0.88 equal to 7/8”, for KMT Intensifier. Compatible to SL-V Series 15 to 60 hp rating and SL – PRO Series 60 to 125 HP
KMT Part No: 05119151
This plunger is made by special ceramic to ensure no damage against the Hydraulic Piston (05132253) or the Hydraulic Cylinder (05034764) while operating.
We also provide same type of plunger made by Stainless steel, which has better cost-performance to replace the ceramic.
05119151 Ceramic Plunger is a ceramic material as a whole. This process can ensure absolute concentricity, which is very consistent with the characteristics of waterjet cutting accessories. The smooth surface determines the service life of the high pressure waterjet seal. This technology is difficult to break through.
After four years of testing and research and development, Win-Win company has put it on the market for five years, and customers have responded well. Ceramic Plunger represents a technological breakthrough in waterjet cutting. It is a symbol. Ceramic Plunger has increased toughness and has its own characteristics. Please kindly contact us for better suggestions.

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