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Name: 05116777-Gland-nut | Brand: FOR KMT

Part No:05116777 | Name:Gland Nut | Brand:FOR KMT

waterjet spare parts gladn nut, part number 05116777, for KMT waterjet Gland Sealing Head 
for  .88 plunger units, 55,000/60,000 psi. can be used on all KMT sealing head assemblies for SL-V series parts, and also for S-Series units with 15-60hp KMT parts. Fast delivery time and after sale service to support your machine maintenance. 
Sealing Head Gland Nut 0511677, Use for KMT waterjet systems, Sealing Head Gland Nut must be used with a suitable machine.
It is recommended that customers minimize the number of times that Sealing Head Gland Nut is disassembled,Then must choose a good quality HP Poppet and HP Seat,Most of the damage to the Sealing Head Gland Nut is caused by excessive disassembly,When installing Sealing Head Gland Nut, it is recommended to apply professional lubricating oil on its surface,Apply special blue goop to the threads, which can reduce the damage to the sealing surface and the threads. It is recommended that operators strictly perform water cutting assembly and commissioning in accordance with the instructions,Operators are advised to assemble and debug water jet cutting equipment in strict accordance with the instructions.

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