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Name: 05112487-Seal-assembly | Brand: FOR KMT

Part No:05112487 | Name:Seal Assembly | Brand:FOR KMT

Waterjet Spare Part Seal Assembly, 60,000 psi, for KMT Intensifier High-Pressure Cylinder. Compatible to SL-IV, SI-V, Neo-Line, also relative as Part No. 5000014, 103398 in other brands.
KMT Part No: 05112487, 05123385
Seal Assembly has one bronze ring and 3 O-rings in one set. Used on the top of Liner (05121777), to connect with check valve (05116769) inside the High-Pressure Cylinder (05059712).
KMT Waterjet Spare Part High-Pressure Seal Assembly, pressure up to 60,000 psi, for 0.88 plunger, KMT Intensifier, compatible to KMT NeoLine SL-IV Plus 15hp - 60hp SL-V 15hp - 60hp SL-VI 15hp - 60hp.
During Intensifier Operating, the first problem happens always on the seal assemblies. The other components are usually made by Hard Materials like Stainless Steel or Hydra-Ceramic, but we can only use soft material to build the seal assemblies.
The HP Seal Assembly is in the condition of abrasion, also with about 60,000 psi working pressure. So we need to adopt very special seal material capable of anti-abrasion and anti-heat affection. 
Win-Win has multi testing to select the materials, and choose the most suitable materials to produce the seal assemblies. To a great extent, it could protect Ceramic plungers, and the durability of seal assembly can be 20% longer than general seals. 
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