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Name: 05034798-Snap-Ring | Brand: FOR KMT

Part No:05034798 | Name:Snap Ring | Brand:FOR KMT

Waterjet Retaining Ring 05034798,2.75,stainless steel,4100 bar,used on all 60,000psi units.Another one which is similar with it is 20492123,1.011x.030x.118,stainless steel,6200 bar,used on all 90,000 psi units.
  It used with Screw,Hex SKT M14x60mm,05141106; Flange,Seal Hydraulic,05007786; Hydraulic Cartridge Seal Assembly,05130091; Hydraulic Head,05034772 on Hydraulic Assembly.
Waterjet Spare Part Snap Ring, 60,000 Psi, used on all KMT Series Waterjet Intensifier Pump. 
Part No: 05034798
Snap ring, also called as Waterjet Intensifier Retaining Ring, is a very important spare part capable of stabilizing the Waterjet Bushing Retainer Flange (Part No. 05007786) inside the Low-Pressure Cylinder. In general, the durability of a ceramic plunger (Part No. 05119151) and of a Flange is determinate by this snap ring. Users must choose a qualified snap ring to ensure the degree of stability while the intensifier operating. KMT Waterjet Retaining Ring is not massive part but also need to be paid attention by users. We advise our customers that always check the damaged of Retaining ring for each time when they are checking the inside of Intensifier. If users find that the Retaining ring is out of shape, please stop to use it and replace a new one as soon as possible.
If you have any problems about replacement and maintenance to your KMT Intensifier, please contact us at any time.

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