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Name: 05007786-Bushing-Retainer-Flange | Brand: FOR KMT

Part No:05007786 | Name:Bushing Retainer Flange | Brand:FOR KMT

Waterjet spare parts Bushing Retainer Flanges 
Waterjet parts No. : 05007786
Brand: Suit for KMT waterjet cutting machine 
Used on Waterjet 0.88 plunger unit, watejet pump pressure 3800 / 4100bar. 
suit for all SL-IV, SL-V, Classic & OEM unit of waterjet intensifier with a 15 to 60 horsepower rating 
Material for the parts of waterjet: stainless steel
Weight of waterjet spare parts :0.5KG
KMT Waterjet Spare Part Bushing Retainer Flange
KMT Waterjet Flange, 55,000/60,000 Psi, for 0.88 Plunger, used on KMT Waterjet Intensifier SL-IV, SL-V, E-Series units 15-60Hp rating.
Part No: 05007786
Many customers may ignore the Waterjet Cutting Spare Parts, but it would possibly cause great losses against this mistake.
Concentricity of Waterjet Intensifier is very important specification, because that during operating by Waterjet cutting system, ceramic plunger is in motion state, and it is combination between Ceramic Plungers and Bushing Retainer Flanges. 
Once the Bushing Retainer Flange Inner hole is not enough smooth or the concentricity is bad, it would cause ceramic plungers damaged, so we advise clients regularly checking the Bushing Retainer Flanges. We have KMT Bushing Retainer Flange in stock, any problem you can contact us, we will give you a satisfactory price and solution.

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