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Name: 05116561-HP-Poppet | Brand: FOR KMT

Part No:05116561 | Name:HP Poppet | Brand:FOR KMT

Waterjet Spare Part High-Pressure Poppet, 60000 psi, for Intensifier Sealing Head, Compatible to SL-IV, SI-V, SL-VI, Neo-Line, Part No.: 05116561, used on KMT Sealing Head Repair Kits 72185957.
HP Poppet 05116561 part is standard water jet cutting part produced by win-win. The 05116561 number is the kmt genuine part number, just for the convenience of customers to search.
We recommend that customers use high-quality KMT water jet parts, which can extend the life of the intensifier. Waterjet HP Poppet is a wearing part in water jet intensifier, and HP Poppet is also important one of the water jet intensifier part.
KMT HP Poppet part material is not ordinary material, it is a material suitable for special parts of ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine. Our part is produced through multiple processes. The cutting pressure of water jet can reach 60,000psi, so it needs to be made through some hardness treatment and testing.
If you are interested in HP Poppet 05116561, please contact our professional customer service staff.

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