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Name: 05112768-HP-Seat | Brand: FOR KMT

Part No.:05112768 | Name:HP Seat | Brand:FOR KMT

Waterjet spare parts 05112768, HP Seat, Seat for Sealing Head, used on 15 to 60 horsepower rating punps. 05112768 Check Valve Seat 0.88 plunger units, used on all streamline SL-V Series high pressure pumps.
Waterjet HP Seat is a very important high pressure accessory in waterjet cutting systems. Waterjet HP Seat is an important part that determines the level of waterjet cutting pressure. Both sides of this part are important locations for sealing. Its material hardness is higher than materials of other waterjet parts.
ity, waterjet cutting has high requirements for water quality in work. Failure to meet the requirements will cause the life of many waterjet cutting accessories to shorten. We have high quality HP Seat and ensure its use time and pressure. We hope that water cutting accessories with good quality will bring more benefits to customers.

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