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Name: 05132253-Hydraulic-Piston-Bearing | Brand: FOR KMT

Part No:05132253 | Name:Hydraulic Piston Bearing | Brand:FOR KMT

Hydraulic Piston 05132253 Waterjet Intensifier Parts:Hydraulic Piston Assembly. The part number is 05118716 or 05132253 or 05033196 or 72112358.0.88 plunger units.Used on KMT brand all SL-IV,SL-V E-Series,E-Series and S-Series units with 15 to 16 high pressure horsepower rating.
Used on all SL-IV, SL-V, Classic and OEM units with a 15 to 60 horsepower rating Kit includes piston, retaining rings, bearings,o-rings, backup rings, seal assembly and check valves. Hydraulic Piston Bearing is installed in the hydraulic cylinder of the water jet cutting pump. Under normal circumstances, the Hydraulic Piston Bearing does not need to be replaced. It can be used for more than five years.
KMT water jet spare parts Hydraulic Piston Bearing has a very good function. When replacing the ceramic plunger of waterjet parts, there is no need to remove the Hydraulic Piston Bearing, which greatly facilitates the time and cost of maintaining the waterjet pump.During the work of the water jet cutting booster pump, the Hydraulic Piston seal assembly has less wear and tear because it is completely submerged in the anti-wear hydraulic oil and has a good lubrication effect. We have full set of water jet cutting parts, which are suitable for various brands of water jet cutting machines.

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