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Name: Gland 20457381 | Brand: FOR KMT

Outlet Adaptor, Check Valve, 60 KSI, KMT Part Number 20457381 · H2O Part Number 100022-2.

WIN-WIN company provides various brands of waterjet cutting machine parts,For KMT ,FLOW,BFT,and many more,Check valves are different for each brand,The KMT H2O is the same as FLOW.The check valve has a service life, and the service time is determined by the number of disassembly. Because the high-pressure valve core and high-pressure valve pad have a shorter use time, it is important to choose a good quality and high-pressure valve core and high-pressure valve pad. This can be very good. Protect check valves from damage and extend their life

KMT Waterjet Check Valve Outlet Body, H2O Jet Style. Ref: H2O Part Number: 100022-2

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