Water jet mixing tube-WINWIN WATERJET NOZZLE

Hello every one, this is Sheely from win win waterjet ,Today i will introduce our water jet mixing tube to you. 


1, the mixing tube, is used in the waterjet cutting head, it has many sizes, but most used are two sizes.


2, For normal size mixing tube, we have stock, can delivery to customer immediately. But for customize mixing tube, need 3 to 5 days to be ready.


3, The normal quality mixing tube life time about 150 hour, if you think this is not long enough, we also have high quality tubes which life time up to 250 hours.


4, For the minimum order quantity, normal size mixing tube just one piece is OK, for customize tube,may need 5 PCs, for example, this is a 30mm size mixing tube, we made it for our customer.


5, About package, Please check this, is strong enough for international delivery, and we use FedEx or DHL for shipping, safe and fast.


6, If you are interested in our mixing tube, please feel free to contact me, thank you.

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