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Spacer Proximity Switch 05144183

Name: Spacer Proximity Switch 05144183

Proximity Switch Spacer Assembly. Utilizes KMT part no: 05144191 O-ring. Replaces KMT part numbers: 05065172 and 49831258 which are now obsolete.

Pump Type Compatibility

NeoLine PRO I PRO II PRO III SL-IV 100hp Dual Topworks SL-IV 15hp - 60hp SL-IV Plus 100hp Dual Topworks SL-IV Plus 15hp - 60hp SL-V 100hp Dual Topworks SL-V 15hp - 60hp SL-V 75hp - 200hp SL-VI 15hp - 60hp SL-VI 75hp - 200hp

Rated Pressure Compatibility

55 000 psi 60 000 psi 90 000 psi

Engineering Title(s):


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