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 Hydraulic Cartridge Seal Assembly 80086622

Name: Hydraulic Cartridge Seal Assembly 80086622

Part Name: Hydraulic Cartridge Seal Assembly, JL-I50 Intensifier

Part Number: 80086622

Net Weight: 0.06KG

Fit for Pump Series: JL-I50, NeoLine

Related Part:  Hydraulic Cylinder Head05034772Bushing Retainer Flange05007786Ceramic Plunger05119151

Service Life: Above 6 Months in Normal Working.

Position: Installed on Ceramic Plunger (05119151), and Inserted into Hydraulic Cylinder Head (05034772), blocked with Bushing Retainer Flange (05119151)

Other Tips: The Hydraulic Cartridge of JL-I 50 Intensifier is totally different from the Seal Cartridge (05130091), users mush pay attention while purchasing this item! Otherwise, it will cause irreparable damage to your JL-I50 intensifier!

Win-Win provides large stock of high-quality Hydraulic Cartridge Seal Assembly for JL-I50 Intensifier pump 

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