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sensor switch 05127584

Name: sensor switch 05127584

Waterjet Proximity Switch Kits 05127584,E50,55000/60000 psi,3800/4100 bar,used on all SL-IV,SL-V,E-Series and S-Series units with a 15 to 60 horsepower rating. Replaces parts number 20453934 or 10180081.

  It used with O-ring Spacer Proximity-Switch,05144191; Spacer Proximity Switch,05144183; Screw,Proximity Switch M6x25MM,10064707 on Hydraulic Oil Cylinder 05034764.

Sensor Switch 05127584 Used on all SL-IV, SL-V, Classic and OEM units with a 15 to 60 horsepower rating,an important component with waterjet cutting switching function.The Sensor Switch is a proximity switch.

When the piston is close to the Sensor Switch, the hydraulic system will change the flow direction to achieve the switching function. The ordinary intensifier pump needs to hit the shifting pin to achieve the signal transmission function when switching. This will cause wear and tear. Use KMT Sensor Switch (05127584) to avoid wear and be more accurate. Win-Win company can guarantee the quality and service of Sensor Switch, please consult customer service for more information.

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