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Abrasive Nozzle 1000008-40-3

Name: Abrasive Nozzle 1000008-40-3

One of the most common mixing tube sizes, this nozzle has a 0.040" inside diameter and 3" length making it the perfect size for 80 mesh abrasive. Outside diameter is 0.281".  This part number replaces 100100-40-3.

H2O Jet Precision Grade abrasive nozzles are designed specifically for:

- daily cutting 

- consistent performance (reduced clogging) 

- longer/more cohesive streams for tight tolerances 

- fast cutting efficient use of abrasive, and 

- very consistent performance. 

Upgrade to the Long Life version for long projects calling for uninterrupted cutting. Also consider the 4" long version (1000013-40-4) for longer runs and more cohesive stream, especially when combined with our Integrated Diamond cutting head, the IDE.

Contact us for help getting the most out of your mixing tubes and abrasive! 

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