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 Hydraulic cylinder head 20416445

Name: Hydraulic cylinder head 20416445

High pressure hydraulic cylinder head used on 100 horse power large flowrate waterjet intensifier pump,The large flowrate waterjet cutting pump adopts a 1.125-diameter ceramic plunger design, which can obtain more high-pressure water per unit time. The flow rate of this pump is 7.8l/min, which is widely used in the automotive interior production industry. The water jet robot workstation is equipped with a large flowrate waterjet pump, which can drive 5-6 water jet cutting heads at the same time, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the failure rate at the same time.

The High pressure hydraulic cylinder head of the large flowrate  waterjet  pump, the packaging weight is about 10kg, so in the process of delivery, winwin waterjet usually customizes the wooden box to ensure that the cylinder head of the waterjet cutting machine accessories will not be damaged due to external forces during transportation, which will affect the use. , we usually choose air freight with a delivery period of about 10 days for transportation. Customers usually buy stock, but there are also urgent purchases due to emergency damage, so our transportation speed meets all customer requirements.

There is no professional waterjet tool to remove this water jet cylinder head, so there are high requirements for maintenance personnel. If you have any questions, you can contact winwinwater jet at any time.

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