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104497 | 1-12208

Name: 104497 | 1-12208

Jet Edge On/off Valve Repair Kit

Waterjet Spare Part On/off Valve Repair Kit, pressure up to 60K. used on Jet Edge OmniJet Series 3D Waterjet Cutting Head Assembly, and also adopted by many Chinese Waterjet Cutting Machine Brands.

Jet Edge Part No: 104497

The Jet Edge On/off Valve assembly include:

1. On/off Body (46627)

2. On/off Valve Seal (37135)

3. On/off Valve Needle (101843)

4. On/off Valve Needle Bearing (37136)

5. On/off Valve Seat (36826)

Win-Win provides a variety of components for the maintenance and replacement of 3D Waterjet Cutting Machines, for more information please directly contact our English Service: service@winwinwaterjet.com

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