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104048 | 1-14527

Name: 104048 | 1-14527

Jet Edge Check Tube

Jet Edge Waterjet Spare Part Check Tube, 0.88 inch (or 7/8”), pressure up to 60,000 psi, used on Jet Edge IP Series Water Jet Intensifier Pump.

Part No: 104048

iP Series Water Jet Intensifier pumps are now as the main of Jet Edge Intensifier Series, popular in Waterjet Industry all over the world. The horsepower can be customized as 50-200 hp, suitable for 3Axis and 5Axis platform waterjet cutting tasks.

The Cylinder assemblies include:

1. High-Pressure Cylinder (104043)

2. Cylinder O-ring (25947)

3. Check Tube, iP Pump .88(104048)


Win-Win provides Spare Parts customization services for Jet Edge customers all over the world, we are able to rebuild your Waterjet Cutting Components while ensuring the quality and performance. This service aims at helping our customers to get more economical supply chain while regularly purchase the consumable parts.

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