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104877 | 1-12807

Name: 104877 | 1-12807

Jet Edge Waterjet Check Tube

Waterjet Spare Parts, New Style Check Tube, 0.88 plunger, is used on Jet Edge Water Jet Intensifier Pump.

Part No: 104877

Jet Edge New Style Check Tube which promotes service life and facilitates maintenance. Tube features low- and high-pressure poppets that open and close, allowing low-pressure water to flow into high-pressure cylinder and UHP water to leave high-pressure cylinder. Low-pressure poppet assembly can be secured by single hollow screw and does not require adhesive. Tube is also available as replacement part for other Jet Edge Pumps.

Jet Edge Check Tube Assemblies include:

1. Check Tube Outlet Body (35697)

2. Check Tube Screw (104431)

3. Poppet Housing (105021)

4. HP Seat (35367)

5. LP Poppet (104047)

6. Poppet Spring (25648)

7. Check Tube Body (104877)

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