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Back-up O-ring 25002

Name: Back-up O-ring 25002

The water jet part O-ring Backup,1 in. The Part number is 1-11680-346 or 25002.Common materials for the water jet retaining ring are bronze, brass, stainless steel or soft materials. The working pressure of the water jet non-metallic retaining ring is 70MPa, and the hardness HS≥90. The material of the sealing ring is very important for high-pressure sealing. It should not be scratched during installation, and should not be squeezed into the gap by high-pressure liquid. The groove of the water jet o-ring is very important for its sealing function, and it must be designed according to the specifications, paying special attention to the fillet and tolerance. For different-surface seals, double O-rings are often used. The water jet O-ring sealing structure is easier to achieve the initial seal and leak-free. At high pressure, the structure is supplemented by a triangular pad or a retaining ring to play the sealing role. This mutual cooperation can Greatly improve the sealing performance. This is an example of the combination of an O-ring and a triangular pad.

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