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ROCTEC® 014194-35-40

Name: ROCTEC® 014194-35-40

Waterjet consumables nozzle

As the ultra-high-pressure water jet cutting technology becomes more mature, ultra-high-pressure water jet cutting has gradually been applied to various industries. waterjet spare parts nozzles require very high materials and design processes: high abrasion resistance and longer service life.

Roctec 500 Nozzles with Performance Locating Ring including different size:

Size: .281 x .030 x 3.000”   Parts No.014194-30-30

Size:.281 x .030 x 4.000”    Parts No.014194-30-40

Size:.281 x .040 x 3.000”    Parts No. 014194-40-30

Size: .281 x .040 x 4.000”    Parts No.014194-40-40

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