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High Pressure Repair Kit B-5741-1

Name: High Pressure Repair Kit B-5741-1

Water jet cutter cutting machine Maintenance Kit, HP VLV, B-5741-1, High Pressure Repair Kit used for FLOW waterjet cutting machine.

The B-5741-1 High-pressure Valve Repair kit includes the following parts:

B-5975-1 Adapter

A-4241 Oil seal

A-0274-6 O-ring

B-5703-1 High-pressure valve seat

B-5702-1 High-pressure valve stem

B-5701-2 High-pressure seal

B-5723-1 Cone seal

B-5700-1 Bushing

A-0275-008 O-ring

Good quality B-5741-1 High-pressure valve repair kit has a longer service life, we have sufficient stock for you to order, please come to consult.

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