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TL-001005-1 | 010253-1

Name: TL-001005-1 | 010253-1

Waterjet spare parts 1-11471 Tie Rod for FLOW intensifier pump, TL-001005-1, Waterjet 60K Low Pressure Cylinder Tie Rod B-1000-2.

Related parts of tie rod: 007303-1 end bell, C-1000-1 low pressure cylinder, 007026-1 hydraulic piston, 007038-3 hp cylinder, 010253-1 ceramic plunger.

The tie rod B-1000-2 connected to the end bells on both sides of the water jet intensifier, and it has the function of connecting and fixing the entire central part of the intensifier. 

The color of the tie rod is black, it uses a special metal material suitable for high-pressure water jet intensifier. It is resistant to oxidation and has a long service life. This part is not a wearing part, and the replacement cycle is long. Its weight is about 0.8kg and its length is about 36.4cm. We have sufficient stock for this part, please contact me if you need it.

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