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Union, Pressure side, 5102085 - CP022044-844

Name: Union, Pressure side, 5102085 - CP022044-844

The part number: CP022044/844

Product description:

Union suction side, the water can go out, can't go in.  Its surface has a detection hole.  It requires that the surface is smooth, the material is best, and high requirement concentricity, the conical sealing structure, the contact surface of the hole of the steel ball seal is very important, and it is the key to ensure the quality.  Winwin company is very strict on the technology requirement, the end sealing technology requirements are high, we suggest you to buy together, to facilitate installation and use, and improve the efficiency of the machine. Our requirement of every part's quality is high, the technology is on the world's leading position.  Union suction side connected with high pressure pipe, hard material, good sealing, high concentricity, smooth surface

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