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Union Pressure Side Complete CP022047/844

Name: Union Pressure Side Complete CP022047/844

Product Name:Union Pressure Side Complete



BFT waterjet Union Pressure Side Complete,used for the BFT waterjet cutting machine intensifier pump spare parts.Two Union Pressure Side Completes divided into high pressure and low pressure.The low pressure water inlet,the high pressure water outlet.The difference between the components of the two is that high pressure has spring,the low pressure has not a spring.

The Union Pressure Side Complete contains valve seat and lense, etc.

Specific composition:

Union suction side CP022044/844

Valve seat CP022046/593

Lense CP022042/593

Valve Seat CP022046 593      

Valve Insert CP022045-775

Ball K016/660

Safety Bolt CPO22052/220

Union suction side  CP022043/844

Recommend the customer to replace the whole set when replacing the Union suction side, because many times disassemble will cause irreversible damage,and purchase high quality BHDT spare parts to reduce the disassembly times, to safe the cost.

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