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Valve repair kit VLV-2010

Name: Valve repair kit VLV-2010

Water jet cutting machine part valve repair kit.The part number is 1-13002 or VLV-2010.Operating pressure is 4,000 bar.It includes valve stem,valve seat,valve seal assembly.Water jet cutting machine part is a broad name, which can include all consumable parts and non-consumable parts of waterjet. Water jet cutting machine is roughly divided into 6 categories, orifice waterjet, waterjet nozzles, intensifier pumps  parts, cutting heads parts, high pressure tube parts,tools accessories .This valve repair kit is classified as intensifier pump part. The intensifier pump part is also a core accessory part of the water jet cutting machine part. The max pressure of the supercharger determines the max pressure of the water jet cutting machine, so the requirements for the supercharger pump parts are the most stringent among the water jet cutting machine part.

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