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Valve Body 303327

Name: Valve Body 303327

Water jet cutting part on/off valve body.The part number is 1-13626 or 303327.For OMAX machine.The weight is 0.1 kg. The voltage is 380 volts. The water jet cutting part on / off valve body, and relies on diaphragms, springs, pistons, weights and other components to control and adjust the pressure of the medium flow pressure by setting the result of the comparison between the water cutting system pressure and the component pressure. Water jet cutting part on/off valve body is to prevent the pressure in the system from exceeding the predetermined safety valve, and the opening and closing member is opened by the pressure of the medium itself to discharge the excessive medium flow from the system to protect the pipeline system. When the pressure returns to a safe value, the valve closes itself again to prevent the medium from continuing to flow out, which is a protective device.

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